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What do Solar Panels on Your House Look Like?

residential solar panel installation

Why Get Solar For Your Home?       


Infinity Solar provides reliable solar solutions that guarantee decades of energy savings.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team has helped hundreds of home owners make the switch to solar energy with home solar panels in North Texas.  


We design our Residential Solar systems to produce 100% of your annual KWH needs

Installing solar panels on your roof will reduce or completely eliminate your utility bills depending on what your energy goals are, allowing you to save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. You can also cash in on immediate savings with solar rebates (ask a sales associate to see if you qualify) to significantly bring down the cost of your system. 


Going Solar is Easy with Infinity Solar

We manage every part of the solar installation process so that the switch to solar energy is easy and painless for you.  From start to finish, our solar services include:

Designing the solar array to provide many years of reliable energy production

Installing the solar panels with our team of trained professionals

Pulling permits and arranging inspection,

Filing rebate and incentive paperwork


Purchase or Finance

At Infinity Solar, you have the option to purchase or finance your home solar installation depending on what works best for you. You may choose one of our flexible Zero Down financing options so that installing solar panels becomes even more affordable.

Contact us today and we can help you choose from a variety of financing options that fits your budget and your solar project.


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