Zero Down Solar Panel System Financing is Real!

Solar Power Finance for Residential Service

Instant Approval for any amount!

Infinity Solar offers both residential and commercial solar power finance and loan options. Home solar power finance options include zero down as low as 4.49% interest.  We have loan terms of 144 and 240 months.  Residential Solar and Commercial Solar Systems convert utility expenses into investments with an incredible rate of return and return on investment that is typically less than 10 years.   

Solar power investments put a cap on the rising cost of energy. If you are a business owner, these investments can put you ahead of the competition. Imagine what zero energy bills could do for your home or business.  Tax Incentives and finance options can increase your property value, provide instant equity, and put cash back in your pocket every month.


How good does my Credit have to be?

Typically you will need a credit score of 640 or greater to get financing.  


How long will it take to get pre-qualified?

The loan application is done over the phone and can usually be done in less than 5 minutes.

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