Cleaner Energy for a Cleaner World.


Evaluation & timeline

The first step Infinity Solar takes is to determine if a solar electric system makes sense for your home or business is our assessment and analysis of your utility usage, and reviewing your current and historical energy seasonal patterns. After we have gained a satisfactory understanding of your current electrical demand, we will perform a free on-site property evaluation. During this evaluation, we will take measurements, assess possible shading issues and address any potential trouble spots that could diminish system production. If your potential on-site generation meets our standards, we will deliver a proposal which will outline the details of your solar electric system from our revolutionary solar software that accurately predicts the annual output of your system. The proposal will include estimated installed system cost (including estimated rebates and incentives), construction timeline, projected energy output and preliminary system design.


Designing & permitting

The next step is the system design. During this stage, Infinity Solar will establish the actual placement and layout of the panels, inverter and wiring of your system. We will work with you to design a solar electric system that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but which also takes full advantage of the solar resources available on your property. After finalizing your system design, we will submit it to your local developmental services department and acquire all of the necessary city permits.  Infinity Solar will then provide drawings that will show panel placement and specifications of the panels to you so you can give them to your HOA if you have one.